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Dynamic Star Limited
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Stratagene supports advances in life sciences by inventing, manufacturing and marketing products that simplify, accelerate and improve research. Since 1984, the company's products have been used throughout the academic, industry and government research sectors in fields spanning molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, drug discovery and toxicology.

Stratagene employs more than 450 people worldwide, who have now joined Agilent Technologies Inc. since June, 2007. This strategic move of the company shall accelerate its growth in life sciences through a complementary product portfolio and strong market reach into academia and government.

Stratagene's product portfolio includes reagents for life science research and instruments. The company also offers a range of diagnostics products, including applications for allergy testing and urinalysis. The company’s extensive portfolio of PCR enzymes and instrument capabilities, including quantitative PCR, coupled with Agilent's range of product platforms, software and data management capabilities, provides full workflow solutions to both academic and pharmaceutical customers.

Dynamic Star Limited is the exclusive Hong Kong distributor for all products from Stratagene with effective from August, 2008.

Please refers to Agilent web site: http://www.chem.agilent.com/zh-HK/ContactUs/Pages/wheretobuy.aspx for details.